Why Choose Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Home

Wood floors are a sure-shot approach to enhance your home decor! They could add elegance to your own space and make certain you fetch amazing compliments from your guests.

Do you love wooden flooring but you're somewhat worried about moving with this option due to the costing and installation time? Fret not! In Floor Sanding Finsbury Park, you get myriad floors options, and one of them, one can be the engineered timber flooring. It's cost-effective and requires less time to install. And hence it is a great alternative to solid hardwood floors.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring

If you're wondering what's engineered hardwood flooring, then keep on reading.

This sort of flooring is man-made. A variety of layers of ply are glued, then they are heat pressed together forming the center using a wood layer (that the lamella).

They are secured to the top surface of the core to form a board. In order to be sure the core stays powerful, these layers run in opposite directions . This makes it more stable than solid wood flooring and less susceptible to swelling or shrinking due to temperature change or humidity.

The upper layer is thicker and is called the lamella. It's created from solid wood. The thickness of lamella ranges from 2.5mm to 6mm.

Pre-Finished, Saves Time

Engineered wood is mostly pre-finished, so onsite the time is saved. We offer a vast selection of engineered hardwood flooring to pick from as per the theme of your house interiors. Lacquered Oak Classic, Smoked Brush & UV Oiled, Walnut Stain Oak Lacquered, Oak Golden Hand scraped Lacquered, Rustic Oak Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring are few of the most popular ones.

Eco-Friendly Choice

If you elect for engineered hardwood flooring for your home, then you are also going environmentally-friendly. When creating this kind of flooring, a lesser quantity of trees are cut down, compared to the hardwood floors .

Saves Expansion & Shrinkage

The making of the form of flooring is such that it guarantees minimum expansion and shrinkage with temperature humidity or changes. As stated before, engineered floors have their top layer as wood and its own core is mostly created out of plywood layers running in opposite directions . This makes it more secure and less susceptible to climate changes.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

To preserve such kind of floors is super simple. You may wash it using a broom, vacuum cleaner or a damp mop alongside gentle cleanser to get rid of dust and dirt.

Research our wide range of floors and speak to our floors specialist to discuss the best option for your home.


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